Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia


Pengerang is an area at the southeastern tip of Johor, to the south of Desaru. The name is usually used to cover the dock and immigration post at Tanjung Pengelih, the village of Kampong Pengelih and the nearby town of Sungai Rengit.

How to get there?

By Car to Pengerang

Sungai Rengit is around 35 km south of Desaru, or 120 km from Johor Bahru. The distance from JB will decrease considerably once the Johor-Desaru Expressway opens. [Update] E22 is now open and the journey from JB to Desaru is now less than 1 hour.

By Sea to Pengerang (from Singapore)

Bum boats operate between Changi Point Ferry Terminal (Changi Village) and Pengerang daily. There is no fixed schedule- the bumboat operators will only leave when there are 12 passengers. The earliest ferry is around 7 am, and the last bum boat is around 3-4pm Singapore on weekends. The schedule varies on weekdays. If you want to leave before 12 passengers have arrived, you can pay the boat operator for the missing seats.


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